A Powerful Partnership For Student-Athlete Health

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A-G Administrators & USCAH deliver a new level of risk management solutions for institutions seeking the highest-quality accident and sports insurance solutions for their student-athletes.

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Bringing Independent, Third-Party Student-Athlete Health & Safety Solutions

We’ve partnered with the U.S. Council For Athletes’ Health to strengthen our mission of providing colleges and universities the most comprehensive risk management solutions and student accident insurance for their athletes. USCAH brings nearly 300 years of experience in athletics healthcare and administration to the benefit of our current and future clients. 

A-G partners can now benefit from a wide array of advanced offerings from the leading organization for ​​ensuring athlete health and safety, including:

  • FREE Institution Risk Assessment 
  • Access to five (5) FREE eLearning courses in USCAH’s Athletics Healthspace
  • Unlimited FREE Athletics Healthcare Administrators Association memberships for your institution (applies to all college partners)
  • Preferred Partner Pricing on additional USCAH Services

USCAH currently has partnerships with 20+ NCAA conferences and 200+ institutions including the Pac-12 and Big Ten, and serves as the official health and safety partner of both the NJCAA and NAIA. For our current clients, reach out to your A-G rep to take advantage of these benefits.

For those who want to experience a different kind of sports insurance provider, partner with the undisputed industry leader trusted by over 700+ colleges and universities. Advance your growing portfolio in the collegiate, K-12, youth sports, and participant accident insurance markets. And enjoy dedicated after-the-sale online and phone support.  

If you are thinking of having us join your team, have someone from our experienced staff assist you in designing the right athlete insurance policy for you or your client. We win when you win. Let’s work together toward building your brand and getting the right coverage for your clients. We are always here for your questions.