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Save time, money, and frustration when handling and negotiating student and athlete accident claims with EGBAR, our proprietary claims management portal. 

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Saving 50% On Claims? Seeing Is Believing With EGBAR

Following up on accident claims can practically turn into a full-time job that takes administrators and trainers away from more important responsibilities. EGBAR stands for Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource, and it’s our proprietary, industry-leading claims management system that we put to work for you. 

EGBAR not only saves you time by automating paperwork and handling follow-up, but it also lowers costs with negotiated rates on medical treatments, which can save as much as 50%. And those lower costs ultimately turn into lower premium payments. 

EGBAR may sound too good to be true, but we promise you it isn’t. That’s why we urge you to sign up for a demo. You’ll see clearly how EGBAR removes your administrative burden of claims uploads and provider and payment follow-ups, along with providing up-to-the minute status of claims paid and bills received. Afterward, you’ll understand exactly why EGBAR also stands for Everything Is Going to Be All Right— for your students, athletes, and families; your department and budget, and for you. 


Top Technology

EGBAR uses the latest insurtech to simplify your claims management time and process.


Claims Cost Control

At A-G, we use 43 networks, not one, to get the best care at the best price.


Critical Reports

EGBAR generates real-time claims updates and risk management information to help decrease chance of injuries.